Luncheon Monday  August 9th 2021

We are now back to our 12.30pm for 1pm format with the cost of the lunch being £20.  Any new dietary requirements should be notified to Ted Payne.  His contact details are in the Club Handbook.


As this is our first meeting at the Lismoyne, Ted has asked that anybody not attending to please let him know as soon as possible.


The menu is:


Starter:    Caramelised goats’ cheese with beetroot chutney.

Main:      Pork Belly and bon bon cider jus with honey roasted carrots and herb new potatoes.

Dessert:   Lemon Tart with raspberry jam


And the speaker for the day is Rob Carter, the Principal Investigator who will talk about the Air Accident Investigation Branch

Please remember that the cost of luncheon is now £20.00.  T


Apologies for Absence


Any apologies for this lunch meeting must be given, by Thursday August 5th 2021 to Ted Payne , or if Ted is unavailable, or you do not receive an acknowledgement from him, to Simon Hackett.


For telephone calls please ensure you get a verbal acknowledgement, especially if leaving a message on answer phone or voice-mail.  For e-mail, please ask for a reply from the addressee.  Telephone numbers and email addresses will be found in the member's handbook.


If you do not receive a reply, either by phone or e-mail, you will be assumed to be attending and the club will be charged for your lunch, which will be at your cost.  Please note that this also applies to late apologies received after the deadline and for just forgetting to turn up!