Cancellation of lunches until further notice.

The Committee have been following recent events closely, and in light of the advice given we feel that it is prudent to cancel the lMonday lunches until further notice.


This will be a disappointment, but bearing in mind the average age of the membership, and taking into account the fact that several members have ongoing health problems, the decision was the obvious one. We do not know how long this state of affairs will last, and it may be that several meetings have to be cancelled.


In these difficult times I know that our members will always be available to those in need, and I am sure that we will all help out where we can. May I wish you all the best, and hope that you stay well.  

President, Fugelmere Probus Club of Fleet

We are now offering Zoom meetings with the speakers listed in our Monthly Meetings list.  Links to the Zoom session will be found in our newsletter.

Luncheon Monday  2021


The menu is




Please remember that the cost of luncheon is now £20.00.  T


Apologies for Absence


Any apologies for this lunch meeting must be given, by Thursday 2020 to Ted Payne , or if Ted is unavailable, or you do not receive an acknowledgement from him, to Simon Hackett.


For telephone calls please ensure you get a verbal acknowledgement, especially if leaving a message on answer phone or voice-mail.  For e-mail, please ask for a reply from the addressee.  Telephone numbers and email addresses will be found in the member's handbook.


If you do not receive a reply, either by phone or e-mail, you will be assumed to be attending and the club will be charged for your lunch, which will be at your cost.  Please note that this also applies to late apologies received after the deadline and for just forgetting to turn up!