Probus Annual General Meeting 2020


Simon Hackett has made the following statement to Members.


As your Secretary I am preparing for the AGM which should be held after the June lunch meeting. However, in the current situation this is unlikely to take place, but we can still follow the preliminary arrangements.  Accordingly, I have distributed the minutes of the 2019 AGM.


I am also asking for nominations from the membership for committee posts, excluding President and Vice President (see constitution 5(c).  I should receive any nominations by the end of April 2020 at the latest.  Accordingly, I have distributed the Nomination form.


With the nominations requested above the committee will deal with the election of Officers at the committee’s June meeting.  We will appoint next year’s President, Vice President, Events Co-ordinator and Speaker’s Secretary. Unless there are nominations for Secretary and Treasurer, the current holders will be re-elected.   The Treasurer will supply the annual accounts to members in May.  The accounts will have been reviewed and signed off by the accounts’ inspectors.


Any suggested changes to subscriptions and meal costs will be notified to all members but not implemented until the membership is able to have their say at the next lunch meeting whenever that happens.  Annual subscriptions will not be collected until after they have been agreed.  Subscriptions will be pro-rated between when they are paid and June 2021.


Clearly, we are in uncharted waters, as ideas come in I will update you in subsequent Newsletters and possible adhoc e-mails.


The main thing is to keep everybody safe, look after yourselves.


GDPR regulations

The Committee have produced a Policy relating to the new GDPR regulations.  Goto the GDPR page to view the policy document.

Events mobile telephone


The number of the mobile telephone carried by the party leader for events has changed. It is now 0734 262 4624.  Please change the number on the inside back cover of your Club handbook.

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Last update 8th April 2020