July 12th 2021


Domseday to Big Brother - a history of the census

Anthony Trice

August 9th 2021


The Air Accident Investigation Branch

Robert Carter

September 13th 2021


Pickwick Papers

Jonathon Jones

October 11th 2021


A grandmother's legacy : Full steam ahead.

Jenny Mallin

November 8th 2021


Mapping seabirds on Ascension

John Hughes

December 13th 2021[Ladies lunch]



Rachel Haver

January 10th 2022


History and arson of All Saints Church Fleet

Mark Hayton

February 14th 2022



Paul Wheatcroft

March 14th 2022 [Ladies lunch]


Born to Rule

Dianne Mannering

April 11th 2022


National Trust - Vyne House and gardens

Hollie Ryan

May 9th 2022


Prone pilot position

Roger Cansdale

June 13th 2022


AGM and appointment of officers