October 12th 2020 [Ladies lunch]

Saddle sore in Montana

Ann Chance OBE


November 9th 2020

The story of Basing House

Alan Turton


December 14th 2020

Plagues, Pandemics and Covid-19

Rupert Matthews


January 11th 2021

Melting ice, Rising seas

Colin Summerhayes


February 8th 2021

Religious dissent and the accidental acquisition of Preston Court in Kent

Peter Withey


March 8th 2021 [Ladies lunch]

Cunard history and glamorous stars

Steve Herra


April 12th 2021

The life and experiences of a TV location manager

Julia Morpeth


May 10th 2021

The crop circle mystery

Andy Thomas


June 14th 2021

AGM and appointment of officers


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