July 8th 2019

Keith Allaway

History of the Royal Mail - part 2

August 12th 2019

Alan Jones

"Look into my eyes.....".  The history of hypnosis.

September 9th 2019

Kit Mitchell

The history of transport

October 14th [Ladies lunch]

Angela & Graham  O'Connell

"Perils and Pleasures" : stories of garden openings.

November 11th 2019

Jonathan Jones

Stanley Holloway.  History and monologues.

December 9th 2019

Mark Lewis

Cribs, cards and christingles - the origins of Christmas traditions and customs

January 13th 2020

Alan Turton

The story of Basing House

February 10th 2020

Keith Hooper

Oliver Twist : Parable, Providence and the Poor.

March 9th 2020  [Ladies lunch]

Anita Mays

Game, jet and match

April 14th 2020 CANCELLED

Colin Summerhayes

Melting ice , rising seas.

May 11th 2020

Lunches are canclled until further notice.



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