July 12th 2021


Domseday to Big Brother - a history of the census

Anthony Trice

August 9th 2021


The Air Accident Investigation Branch

Robert Carter

September 13th 2021


Pickwick Papers

Jonathon Jones

October 11th 2021 [Ladies lunch]


A grandmother's legacy : Full steam ahead.

Jenny Mallin

November 8th 2021


Mapping seabirds on Ascension

John Hughes

December 13th 2021



Rachel Haver

January 10th 2022


History and arson of All Saints Church Fleet

Mark Hayton

February 14th 2022


Gliders and the history of the Fleet Air Arm

Paul Wheatcroft

March 14th 2022 [Ladies lunch]


Born to Rule

Dianne Mannering

April 11th 2022


National Trust - Vyne House and gardens

Hollie Ryan

May 9th 2022


Prone pilot position

Roger Cansdale

June 13th 2022


AGM and appointment of officers